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Thursday, September 15, 2011

DOTA 2 Latest Gameplay ScreenShots

DotA 2 Ingame Screens
After the DotA 2 Wallpaper by Kunkka, the DotA 2 in-game screenshots are now surfaced on the internet. A Chinese DotA 2 Team posted a couple of in-game printscreen showing two heroes, Shadowfiend and Doom Bringer.

DotA 2 Screenshot Doombringer
From these images we can assume that DotA 2 is based on a dark theme but the graphics are amazing and everything is so easy to differentiate and adopt unlike other DotA genre games. The in-game UI of DotA 2 looks very sleek and minimap is much detailed. Valve has added Dota 2 mana bars for allied heroes.
DotA 2 Shadowfiend Screenshot
The 2nd image of Shadowfiend confirms the DotA 2 Tutorial mode with a guiding arrow. The user interface of DotA 2 is designed for consuming less space making the gameplay screen much wider. Valve hasn’t officially disclosed any updates about these leaked screenshots but we thank to people who leaked this much awaited pictures!
Update: Another image of DotA 2 Vengeful Screenshot at Radiant Fountain with other hero Icons:
DotA 2 Vengeful Spirit Screenshot
The Mighty Roshan
DotA 2 Roshan
DotA 2 Dire (Scourge) Secret Shop with Naga Siren
DotA 2 Dire Secret Shop
DotA 2 Hero Selection Screen showing total 42 Dire vs Radiant heroes:
DotA 2 Hero Icons
DotA 2 Key Binding/Remapping Screen:
DotA 2 Key Binding Menu

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