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Thursday, November 17, 2011

DOTA 2 Invites Begin

DOTA 2 Beta Invite BeginsAfter waiting for months with desperation, the moment has arrived. Valve has started sending out 3 DOTA 2 Beta invites to players who registered during Beta signup. They are also conducting survey from players, gathering their hardware info, DotA skills and experience.

Those users who completed DOTA 2 survey will secure their position in receiving beta key on the first wave of invites. To get enlisted in first wave, follow the guide below to complete the survey.
How to complete DOTA 2 Survey:


• Steam Client (Download and install the latest version of Steam)

• Steam Account (Create an account from here)


1. Open Steam and login account.

2. Update Steam client version. Go to Steam tab on the left top corner and click “Check for Steam Client updates”.

3. Wait until the update process finishes.

4. Restart Steam.

5. Once your Steam gets updated. Click this link, Dota 2 Survey.

6. Complete the survey by providing the details.

7. After completing the survey, Wait for an email from Valve containing your DOTA 2 Beta Key.


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