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Friday, January 13, 2012

Silencer Review in DOTA 2

DOTA 2 Silencer

DOTA 2 Nortrom, Silencer Preview. At last, the moment of silence has arrived in DOTA 2 with the addition of Nortrom, The Silencer. He’s one the few intelligence heroes in Dota who rely on their physical attack to dominate hostile units. Silencer can either be played as carry or a supporter. With the help of 1st ability; Curse of the Silent, he can easily own in tri-lanes by spamming it. His 3rd ability Last Word is an offensive aura against spell-casters which silences enemies frequently thus making their combo’s useless.

DOTA 2 Silencer Screenshots:
DOTA 2 – Nortrom, The Silencer – Idle at mid lane.
DOTA 2 Silencer Nortrom
Silencer 1st skill – Curse of the Silent
Silencer Curse of The Silent
Silencer 2nd Skill – Glaives of Wisdom
Silencer Glaives of Wisdom
Silencer Ultimate – Global SilenceSilencer Global Silence Dota
Do you like the DOTA 2 Silencer? Or you still prefer the Warcraft 3 DotA’s? Drop your comments below!

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