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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Earthshaker Dota 2 Hero Guide

dota 2 guide for earthshaker Guide on how to use Earthshaker in playing Dota 2, Skill and item build with game tips





 Earthshaker is a support hero with a very long range stun and great initiation ability once he farms
a Blink Dagger.
Early game, Earthshaker can use as either support or roam,in  using Fissure to block terrain to secure kills or save more  allies. Either way, nust stay hidden in the trees to get the best Fissure angles (and to leech XP).
Later in the game, try to use a Blink Dagger. Echo Slam deals devastating damage against  enemies and you can keep them stunned for a very long time by chaining your skills to them.


skill build for eartsheker in dota 2


item build for eartshaker

Unit-targeting Fissure is a sure hit, but ground-targeting allows for longer range and finer positioning.
Enchant Totem is only really good for triggering Aftershock; Don't get too excited about the damage.

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