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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dota 2 Dire Tide Guide

 A quick guide on how to play Dota 2 Halloween special map, the Dire Tide. A very fun game mode on which you collect candies by killinng Roshlings ( a cute mini Roshans).

Your Candy or Your Life? Which one  will you choose. this are the main tag lines of the Dota 2 Halloween special mode.The main objective of this game mode is to collect as many candies as you can. The team that have most numbered of candies is the winner of the game


Additional tips, You can deposit candies by using basket, earn more candies by attacking enemies baskets.During game mode. The tower became invulnerable meaning you cant attack it while playing this game so I advice to be careful. Making the game more fun, Roshan hunts every player who carries a candy. Useful tips, feed him a candy so he will chase another player. Morever, he randomly selects a player for trick or treating, he will attack the player if they don’t have any candy. Your HP and Teleport channeling time increases as you collect candy, so be careful. After 20 minutes, the battle versus Roshan begins, both teams fight against Roshan to get maximum level and gold.

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