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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dota 6.77 New Heroes Coming

While waiting for the the release of the Dota 6.77 Official map, Ice frog will try to add more heroes in sentinel and scourge tavern. Here are the list of the suggested  new heroes  that may be seen in the new upcoming Map.

 New Heroes May Seen In DOTA 6.77 

1. Ragnar, The Kodo Rider 
Kodo Rider
This hero was seen in the beta testing mode but failed to be add in the latest map. This Sentinel hero can be a tanker hero like Cantaur warchief.

2. Giant Turtle

Giant Turtle
This giant Turtle hero may be a good addition to Sentinel Scourge team. May have a very good DPS an can act as a carry.

3. Human Marine

Human Marine

We may seen this All time favourite TFT model, can act like a Soldier of the Ancients. Bringing some first person shooter action to DotA is more exciting than ever.

4. Makrura

Makrura Warcraft 3


Derived from the famous clan of Broodmother and Nerubian Weaever. To balance with the new addition hero Giant Turtle,  This could a be nice addition for Scourge Strength tavern. Can act as semi-carry for a team with ganking abilities.

Dota 6.77 Official Maps Updates

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