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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Download Dota 2 | Play Now

Dota 2 Download and Installation Instructions Download, Install and   play DOTA 2 in your computer for free, Follow this simple installation and download guide to play dota 2 now


DOWNLOAD Dota 2 and Installation Guide


Download and install Steam first.Because DOTA 2 is can only be played via Steam. After Downloading and installing it into your computer.  Register a Steam account and log in. Go to Steam Dashboard and follow this simple steps

1. Click the Games Menu, you will see it at the top of the page

2. Click on  the activation product 

3.On Product Activation Dialog Click next and Read STEAM® SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT then click “I AGREE”

4.Enter Dota 2 Product Code K5Q8X-65HED-3VH3I and Click next (This code for example , one code for one steam user and this code I used :p)

5. Click on LIBRARY  steam menu and then you will get a Dota 2 download link for free

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  1. wow, thanks to your download guide about Dota 2, it works properly

  2. how can i get a code ??

    1. or where can i get a code ??

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