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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

6.77 Ai Official Map

While all waiting for Icefrog to release the new official Dota map 6.77. Everyone is also excited to play with the AI heroes in 6.77Ai Official Map. Play with new heores, gamemaps, changelog,new patches,gameplay and many more.

6.77 Ai map is not yet available, the Release of DotA 6.77ai official map is not yet announce. Meanwhile while waiting for an updates. you can bookmark this page and come back here so that you can download the latest Ai map in Dota.

While waiting for the 6.77 ai map you can download 6.76c map here

Dota 6.77 updates. Goodnews gamers, Dota 6.77 Ai is now ready to be played. With a changelog and patches. Though this map isn't  official from Icefrog.  Download 6.77 AI plus map


  1. Thanks for Map ^^
    and thanks for share :)

  2. Wow.. Gt. Nice bro. Update plz.

  3. why can't i download the maps!.....

    1. check out the link, i download it from here and it works

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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