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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dota 2 Helper Tool Download

Dota 2 Helper  is a tool which will help beginners familiarize Dota 2 heroes skill and item builds  plus will give you more choices and techniques on how to counter it.  Don't miss the chance to use it. Download it to the links below and dominate Dota 2 game in valve.

How does this tool work?

You get two drop down lists: Hero counters and Select hero. In hero counters, you select which hero you want to counter. It will then show up to 10 pictures of heroes that counter it, and if you hower over them, the tool tip will say why.

When you press select hero, it'll give you a hero picture, 4 skill pictures and sometimes bonus pictures(for example 10 more invoker spells) Each has a tool tip consisting of: Dota 2 wiki information and playdota information combined.

 Then you choose your role(carry, support, initiator, etc...) and lane(jungle included). When you're finished, you'll get a skill build and a full item build for all stages of the game. Every item ALSO has a tool tip. So be sure to read them all as some might say "buy up to 3 of these" for example. Note: luxury items also include situational items. So yeah, go get it, champs in the making.

Link to download this tool: Click Here

Note: You'll need java 1.6 to open this.

Here is the link to download Java 1.6


  I just share it here and it credits to: rvd1ofakind from playdota

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