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Saturday, November 3, 2012

WarDota 2 Download | Play Dota 2 in LAN

Good news, we can now play dota 2 via LAN. Do you want to play Dota 2 in Warcraft III ? WarDota 2 is designed for Warcraft III frozen throne players to experience playing the epic game Dota 2. Download WarDota2 now to experienced the complete package such as customised terrain , sounds and responses, HUD and GUI all based on DOTA 2 game.

WarDota2 changelog
Added Pugna
Added Dire's Tower (requires WarDota2 Custom Map!)
Radiant and Dire Tower Custom Missile!
Added Bad_Ancient (requires WarDota2 Custom Map!)
Added Roshan (requires WarDota2 Custom Map!)
Added Phantom Lancer (requires WarDota2 Custom Map!)
WarDota2 local files will be release soon!
WarDota2 Tools will be delayed, but i promise i will make it!
Credits Trolboy for the Screetshop(Shopkeeper)!

Frequently Asked Questions about WarDota2

Q: When I use WarDota2 Custom Map(Latest) the Towers, other Heroes, Etc.. are Invisible! Why?
A: You need to the Latest Patch (WarDota2 Full). Don't Use the Terrain and UI Only Patch or the Older version!
Q: When I use different Dota Map or the Old version Map the towers are not changed.
A: Use the latest WarDota2 Custom Map (Download link below)

Dota2 Ripped heroes included!
Shadow fiend

How to Install Wardota 2?

WarDota2 Installation Guide

1.First of all, make a backup first of your war3patch.mpq and Frozen Throne.exe in you warcraft III directory.

2.Download War3Patch.mpq and replace the existing file on your Warcraft III directory.


Note: Make sure that no other mod are installed!

WarDota2 download links
War3Patch.mpq Wardota2 Full (140mb) official link from Rena!ssance team leader Tihloh
TerrainOnly_LocalFiles.rar WarDota2 -Terrain and UI only (36.06mb) official link from Rena!ssance team leader Tihloh
DotA v6.74c AI 1.3.w3x WarDota2 Custom Map (4mb, Mediafire)


UPDATES. if you are having hard time following instructions here, you can go to this link and download it for easy way. DOWNLOAD WARDOTA2 EASY


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