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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dota 2 Beta Sign up Guide , Play Dota 2 Now

DotA 2 Beta Sign up 
Soon after the release of DotA 2 Gamescom Trailer, Valve has launched the portal of DotA 2 providing 'The International' tournament brackets, details and the official DotA 2 beta signups for public testing on large scale. Now, the time has come don't miss the opportunity of getting your beta account. Check the instructions of applying for DotA 2 Beta.

- DotA 2 Beta Sign up Guide:

1. Sign up for a Steam account, if you don't have one (make sure you verify it using email).

2. Go to DotA 2 website and click 'Sign in using Steam'

3. You will be redirected to Steam login pageLogin your account you made in step#1.

4. Then hit 'Get into the beta' button.

5. Your beta application will be sent for processing.

As stated on Dota 2 steam page, the mega beta testing phase will likely to start sometime between October-November, it will last for 1month then the DotA 2 client download will be available for purchase. Keep visiting here for further updates!

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