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Monday, January 30, 2012

The New Look o Bone Clinkz in Dota 2

Clinkz (or the Bone Fletcher) has been added in the DOTA2 26th January patch. Clinkz is one of the most prominent agility hero in Dota that can used as an ultimate carry for a team. His skills makes him a perfect stealth hero, with the combo of all 4 skills, he can easily assassinate 2-3 heroes in battlefield. The only disadvantage of Clinkz is the low hit-points, you need to equip core items early to make him viable. Let’s check out Clinkz Preview!

DOTA 2 Clinkz Video Preview:

DOTA 2 Clinkz Screenshots:

Clinkz 1st Skill – Strafe

Clinkz 2nd Skill – Searing Arrows

Clinkz 3rd Skill – Skeleton Walk

Clinkz Ultimate – Death Pact

Share your views about this addition also tell us, if you’d like to see more previews!

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