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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DOTA the Movie

One of the best  hit strategy game produce by Icefrog's blizzard game Warcraft III :  Defense of the Acient or popularly known as DOTA is now can be seen is the big screen in a matters of few time rumors said.

Our sources gathered info of the upcoming movie which said has an All-Star cast! The following actors and actresses are said to be playing the roles of some notable epic  heroes of the game.


Angelina Jolie as Akasha “The Queen of Pain”

Emma Stone as Alleria “The Windrunner”

Megan Fox as Mirana “Priestess of the Moon”

Robert Downey. Jr as Rexxar “The Beastmaser”

Millia Jovocich as Krobelus “The Dead Prophet”

Bruce Willis as Kunkka “The Admiral”

Jessica Alba as Traxex “The Drow Ranger”

Ian McKellen as Purist Thunderwrath “The Omniknight”

Scarlett Johanson as Rylai Crestfall “The Crystal Maiden”

Eminem as Kael “The Invoker”

Olivia Wilde as Lina Inverse “The Slayer” and lastly

Jet Lee as Magina “The Anti-Mage”

 Although the story is still unknown but there are two theories roaming around the internet. The first will be the same concept as it is in the game where they will be fighting each other under the two factions “The Sentinel” and “The Scourge” protecting their precious  ancients, which are “World Tree”  and “Frozen Throne.”

The second will be about them being gathered by a mysterious and powerful character that wants to save Loradeon from the evil forces who wants to destroy the frozen throne.

With Valve’s DOTA 2 being released by any time this year, having a movie counterpart, will sure bring profits to it as many people are really requesting of making a “Live Action” flick. Be always updated and visit our website to get a hold of the latest news about the latest development about this movie.


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